Scyther is the Best Pokémon of Them All

Why Scyther is the Best Pokémon

Scyther doesn’t have to try a lot to be the best in the same. Instead, all he has to do is look like a motha f**king beast! With that being said, this Pokémon character takes the cake. Just imagine your Pokémon character going again this crazy flying bug. There would be no chance. Plus, he is green and that is a plus too. Not only does Scyther look like a bad ass but he has the technichian ability. No, I am not talking about him being about to fix computers. I am telling you that he has the ability to do some really powerful hits. He can do some much damage it isn’t even funny. His ability can turn a wing attack power move to a 90 power move all before a stab! That is pretty fricken good attack quality. He can also turn a 135 at a level 21 to a 110 attack  stat. Now, this is nothing to clown against. This is a crazy creature and he will screw you up on your Pokémon game. His base speed is phenomenal. It’s a staggering 105. This means you’ll be the quickest one in the battle.


The Best Ability of Scyther

Lastly, Scyther has a false swipe for catching legends. If you don’t know about false swiping, it is a damaging normal move. The damage leaves the opponent at 1 HP remaining, otherwise the opponent faints.Many levels of characters have this move. However, the more of a level you get on a Pokémon character, the more effective your moves are. Scyther also evolves into Scizor, which is automatically another cool looking Pokémon. I’m pretty sure these Pokémon’s mom and dad were models.

How to Generate Scyther

If you want to get this awesome Pokémon, all you need to do is click here to continue. WeSpawnFor you is a company dedicated to making crazy gains to your Pokémon inventory. I was able to spawn Charizard, Squirtle, Pikachu, Aerodactly, Clefable, Bulbasaur, Dragonite, and more! All I did was click on my specific pokemon that I wanted for Pokémon Go. Then I clicked “Generate My Scyther Now”. I put my username in. Then I selected my platform. I activated proxy protection and enabled 256 bit packet encryption. This is just so I was able to be undetectable. Next, I pressed connect. Then I pressed spawn bulbasaur. It did all it’s cool generator stuff. Now, atlas, I was about to generate my Pokémon character. I did by verifying I was a human and got my Pokémon with in 30 minutes!


This spawner is the absolute best and Scyther is a best when it comes to Pokemon. Not only do you get to generate a Scyther, but you can generate any Pokémon character of your dreams! No one is a competition anymore. I almost feel like quitting this game and going to Grand Theft Auto V or something and being a douche. In all reality I am just overwhelmed that I generated a Scyther and I look forward to hearing from you guys. Comment if you have any questions and give this Pokémon Go generator a try!

Here is a cool video showing someone finding a scyther!






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